SMEs encouraged to bid for Network Rail tender opportunities

It was announced last month that Network Rail has launched a new procurement platform designed to streamline the tendering process for SME businesses.

The new system aims to provide greater visibility of business opportunities and reduce the time it takes to award contracts.


SMEs want streamlined processes

Following a period of market research, Network Rail found that suppliers want a more efficient contracting process.

The latest changes made by the organisation mean that once suppliers register and qualify on the new Supplier Qualification System (SQS), they will no longer need to repeat the prequalification stage each time they participate in a competitive process.


Future tender opportunities

The latest changes highlight Network Rail’s work in encouraging SME suppliers to register for the SQS. Glen Combe, head of commercial for technology at Network Rail, said:

“The new SQS will streamline the procurement process by removing the need for suppliers to go through a prequalification process each time they are invited to tender. It also provides greater visibility of business opportunities and reduces the time it takes to award contracts.”

There is also further good news for businesses looking for tender opportunities with Network Rail as it is forecast that £2.2 billion will be procured by the organisation over the next ten years.


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Security and counter-terrorism update

As we move into the second half of the year, security and counter-terrorism initiatives remain of great importance due to the serious nature of the threats being posed across the UK. To combat these threats, the Government has invested in new security measures. Take a look at some of the security projects the Government has been investing in below.


Security and counter-terrorism tenders

What’s new in security

Cyber security is a focal point for the Government, in the light of recent high-profile hacking cases. To protect the British people from cyber attacks, UK public expenditure on digital defence rose by over 3,000% in 2017.

Additionally, the NHS has invested £20 million on a new cyber security unit. This unit will use ‘ethical hackers’ to look for weaknesses in the health service’s digital defences. With such continuing support from the Government, there is no better time than now to look for security tenders.

How to find available security tenders

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The Construction Industry: what's new?

The Government’s main domestic focuses for 2018 include housing and infrastructure, with plans to develop and diversify the construction sector. Additional funding has been allocated to the Home Building Fund to get small housebuilders building again, with £29 million invested into the Construction Skills Fund by the Government.

We are now in the second half of 2018, meaning that we have knowledge of what the Government has invested in so far. Take a look at just some of the construction projects the Government has been investing in below.


construction industry 2018


What construction tenders are available?

The infographic above paints a positive picture of the construction sector in 2018 and going forward, making now an excellent time to look for construction tenders.

In the UK and ROI, there are many construction tender opportunities suitable for SME businesses. The construction sector is varied, including niche tenders both at local and national level. Construction tenders that are available on Supply2Gov include:

  • Bricklaying
  • Construction materials
  • Civil engineering
  • Labour services
  • Painting and decorating


How to find construction opportunities

With the Government’s commitment to supporting the growth of construction SMEs, there is no better time than the present to work with the public sector.

Locating relevant tender opportunities can be a common problem that many businesses face, and it can be especially difficult for suppliers that are new to public sector tenders.

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Top five benefits of doing business with the public sector

Public sector buyers are always looking to improve its service delivery and identify new, innovative suppliers to ensure that the people of the UK and Ireland are getting the best procurement deal, this in turn creates a number of benefits for suppliers working with government bodies.

Here are the top five benefits of doing business with the public sector:

1.Transparency in the public sector is a must, so government bodies have to be fair, honest and professional in the way they choose suppliers and in any dealings with them.

2.The public sector has to pay promptly and in line with the agreed contract terms. Public sector agencies must pay accounts within 30 days of receiving a valid bill or invoice. The public sector is never a bad debt risk.

3.Public sector contracts offer stability. Depending on which part of the market you are involved in, even during an economic downturn public services still need to be delivered. This provides suppliers with a relatively stable and durable customer base.

4.The public sector can offer bigger contracts than the private sector, which is particularly important for smaller businesses.

5.Since the public sector needs to get the best deal, this encourages competition in the market, meaning your business has a greater chance of being considered for each opportunity.

And beyond all of this, the main benefit of working with the public sector is the sheer size of the opportunity.

In the fiscal year ending in 2018, total UK public sector spending, including central government and local authorities, was £814 billion. This is expected to rise to £828.6 billion.

With more opportunities in the public sector out there than ever before, you need to be able to spot the opportunities that are sitting on your doorstep and beyond.

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What's new for environmental tenders 2018

Throughout 2018, the Government is investing heavily in environmental tenders to ensure that the UK is doing its bit for the environment. From air pollution to electric charging, there are environmental tendering opportunities perfect for your business.

Environmental Update


Great news for the environmental sector

From the infographic above, it is clear that the Government is taking positive action to help the environment. This is great news for the environmental sector, with heavy investment being made into the procurement of supporting goods and services.

At the beginning of 2018, the Environment Agency announced an impressive investment of £155 million into new works to take place across the UK. Additionally, no less than £3.5 billion has been invested by the Government with the aim of reducing air pollution caused by diesel vehicles. Complementing this measure, the Government aims to halve the number of people living in highly polluted areas by 2025, opening up many and varied tendering opportunities.

To help ensure that the Government’s environmental aims are achieved, there is to be a push to expand electric charging points. With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular, it has been estimated that 83,500 charging points will need to be installed by 2020 to meet demand.

All this means that there has been no better time than now to look for environmental tenders.


Finding available environmental tenders

To help you make the most of the many environmental tenders available, Supply2Gov lets you find the most suitable tenders for your business.

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What you need to know about training tenders 2018

Training services are a key area for government investment. In recent years, boosting labour productivity has been a priority of successive Chancellors of the Exchequer – meaning that there are now even more opportunities for businesses that offer training services. With thousands of training tenders being published every month, there is no better time to look for training tenders.


Training tenders

Why you should look for training tenders

Training services is an extremely lucrative tender market, with the Government spending over £3.2 billion each year within the training sector. Additionally, throughout 2018 a staggering £30 million is to be invested into digital skills distance learning courses.

If you would like to work with the public sector, you will be interested to know Supply2Gov published over 5000 training tenders from across the UK and Ireland in 2017. At Supply2Gov we search over 3000 contract sources, putting all tender opportunities in one place for you.


Training opportunities for SMEs

In today’s high-paced technological environment, the Government wants to ensure that the UK is fully up to speed with the latest technology. For this reason, it is keen to enlist the help of SMEs with specialist knowledge through training tenders.


Training tenders available

Training tenders are not solely targeted at IT and computing: there is a vast array of training tenders available, including:

  • Medical and first aid training
  • Vocational training and education
  • Defence training
  • Training aids and equipment
  • Primary and secondary education
  • Health and safety education
  • Educational software
  • E-learning services and solutions


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IT tenders: everything you need to know in 2018

With the recent high-profile hacking breaches in the public sector, IT infrastructure and security is of extreme importance. Additionally, there is expected to be a steady rise in digital platforms and cloud usage in the coming years.

The UK Government wants to embrace the new technologies of the future. For this reason, local government spends significant funds on information technology, with approximately £3 billion invested annually in the procurement of IT goods, equipment and services. Therefore, there is no better time than now to look for IT tenders.


IT Tenders


The IT tenders available

The above infographic highlights the positive commercial status of the IT sector in 2018. The increase in budget and support from the Government makes now the ideal time to look for Information Technology tenders.

To improve public services, the public sector acknowledges that SMEs are vital to its success. Rewarding and worthwhile IT tender opportunities for all businesses are available to be won:

  • Telecommunications
  • Hardware and equipment
  • Software development, services and maintenance
  • Smart cards and access control systems

Finding available IT tenders

With a wide range of IT tenders available, Supply2Gov can help you make the most of these opportunities by helping you find the most suitable tenders for your business.

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What you need to know about the health sector in 2018

NHS Trusts spend £9 billion a year procuring services to ensure the continuing success of the healthcare sector. This year, the NHS has invested £20 million into its Security Operations Centre, partnering with private companies to complete this development. The infographic below demonstrates the commitment the Government is making to the health sector throughout 2018. So, there is no better time than now to start thinking about healthcare tenders.


Health Sector 2018


Benefits of winning HSE contracts

Would you like to work with the Irish market? Without private sector suppliers, the healthcare sector could not operate efficiently. Therefore, there is a constant stream of medical tender opportunities open to businesses of all shapes and sizes to bid for.

Winning Health and Safety Executive (HSE) contracts comes with many benefits to your organisation. Securing a healthcare tender will furnish your business with the credibility and references needed to continue to win work – providing your organisation with many further high-quality business opportunities.


Healthcare tenders available

The NHS needs everything from stethoscopes to toilet roll, so there is a wide demand for capable private sector suppliers. Healthcare tenders frequently available on the Supply2Gov portal include:

  • Pharmaceuticals and medicines
  • Dermatology equipment
  • Medical uniforms and equipment
  • Ambulance and emergency services equipment
  • Dentistry equipment and services

If you would like to learn more about healthcare tenders and how you can find them as soon as they are published, visit Supply2Gov today and receive FREE local area alerts.

Government simplifies public sector tendering

Good news for all SME businesses: the Government has simplified public sector tendering! A new Public Sector Contract has been introduced to make the procurement process easier for businesses that want to start selling to the public sector market.


What’s changing?

The Government has announced that the new contract being introduced removes duplication from the application process and streamlines the procurement process for businesses that supply to the public sector through Crown Commercial Service (CCS) procurement frameworks.


Good news for small businesses

This change makes it easier for small businesses to get involved with government procurement. In the past, SMEs have found it hard to enter the market due to a lack of resources and complicated terms and conditions. Emma Jones, Crown Representative for Small Business, said that this will no longer be the case:

“The new CCS contract is shorter and easier to understand and takes a more standardised approach. This should save SMEs time and money when deciding to bid for CCS deals and I welcome the approach.”

One SME business, Neontribe, responded to the change saying that a simpler contract will benefit smaller businesses and could help them to win more public sector tenders.


Get started with public sector tendering

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