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The public sector relies on the procurement process to purchase the goods that it requires. With contract opportunities for an incredibly diverse range of goods, works and services available in almost every industry sector, it is likely that your micro or small business could work with the government in some capacity.

The best way your business can find niche tenders is by using a platform like Supply2Gov. We help small businesses find contract opportunities in their region, across the UK & ROI.

Now is a great time to look for opportunities with the UK Government, as their aim is to build a stronger relationship with the small business community. The Government’s latest commitment is to spend £1 in every £3 of procurement spend with SMEs, including sole traders, micro and small businesses, by 2020, whether directly or in the supply chain.

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We help sole traders, micro and small businesses to access this spend, posting fresh opportunities every day. You can browse the industry sectors that we work with. However, there are a selection of other tenders available on Supply2Gov:

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Start for free now and look for smaller, local opportunities. This will help your business to build a strong portfolio of work for when higher value tenders come along.

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Total No. of Tenders Published 2017 in Other Industries




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Total No. of Tenders Published 2017 in Other Industries