Supply2Gov FAQ’s

If you have any questions relating to the Supply2Gov you will most likely find everything you need below.

However, if you still have any outstanding queries following a review of the below, please visit the ‘Get In Touch’ section for further contact details.

Who are BiP Solutions?
BiP Solutions is the parent organisation of S2G and, more than 35 years of experience within this marketplace, is the leading provider of intelligence services and procurement solutions designed to bring buyers and suppliers together across the entire supply chain.

Is Supply2Gov right for me?
Supply2Gov is best suited to businesses that are new to, or have never worked with the public sector and are looking to get access to contract notice and awards data in order to begin that journey.

Supply2Gov was born from BiP Solutions’ passion to provide a best in class tender alerts service to those looking to start winning business with the public sector. S2G delivers precision UK and Republic of Ireland public sector contracts and exclusive supply chain opportunities straight to your inbox.

Not only do we publish more UK and Ireland contract and award notices than any of the other providers in the market (that includes even the national government portals!), but our tender alerts service is the only database in the market to provide a “pay as you grow” model – giving businesses a no-risk, scalable, cost-effective option to get their foot in the door of the public sector market.

I’m looking for more public sector business intelligence than just tender alerts – does Supply2Gov provide that service?
Whilst Supply2Gov is the best in class tender alerts service out there, our sister service – Tracker – provides market intelligence to support businesses looking to grow within the public and private sector. From competitor information and buyer spend data through to the latest market insights, Tracker is designed to fully support early engagement, giving you more time to analyse the market, choose the right opportunities for your business and be more competitive. Visit the Tracker website here.

How do I register for Supply2Gov?

Registering for Supply2Gov couldn’t be easier. Simply click any of the ‘Register for FREE’ links throughout the site and select your local area and enter your details. A confirmation page will show you the area to which you have free access.

How can I access contracts published on Supply2Gov?

Supply offers you the ability to run a Quick Search or an Advanced Search for contract opportunities. By entering a time period and using keywords you can search the site for matching contract opportunities. The site will return you an analysis of the types of contract opportunities matching your search and you will be able to view the complete text of contract opportunities in your area. You will also be presented with a list of contract opportunities that match your search but fall outside your subscription area or region; to gain access to these you will be required to upgrade your subscription to the level appropriate for the relevant area or region.

What is the Daily Email Alert?

Once registered and logged in, you are able from the Programme Centre to set up your Supply2Gov Daily Email Alert. This service will allow you to create a profile matching your company’s requirements. An alert will then be despatched each working day to your email account containing relevant contract opportunities.

What information is required to build my Supply2Gov Daily Email Alert?

Your Supply2Gov Daily Email Alert profiles are driven by keywords or phrases (eg ‘computer’ or ‘window cleaning’) and CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) codes.

What are CPV codes and how do I use them?

CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) codes have been specially developed by the EU for public sector procurement. Buyers use CPV codes to classify their contracts by applying a code and description for the items they wish to procure. Suppliers can add CPV codes into their supplier profile to assist in the matching of contract opportunities. To assist you we have provided an easy online search where you can type in a word or word stem (eg ‘computers’ or ‘comp’) which will return matching CPV codes. By clicking the boxes next to the relevant CPV codes you can include those codes in your profile or use them for online searching. View more information and download a list of CPV-2007 codes.

How do I update/amend my Supply2Gov Daily Email Alert?

At any time during your subscription you can update or amend your Daily Email Alert by visiting your Supply2Gov activity centre going to ‘Customise Email Alerts’.

How do I access Supply2Gov contract notices outside my local area?

As part of your Daily Email Alert, and when using the search services, you will be able to view a synopsis of other contracts which match your keywords but fall outside your region. To access the full text of these contract notices you can upgrade your current access from local to any other subscription level by clicking the ‘upgrade now’ link.

How often is Supply2Gov updated?

The Supply2Gov contract opportunities is updated on a daily basis.

Is support available to answer my questions regarding Supply2Gov?

Yes, support is available through a variety of channels. Contract opportunities may raise queries as they often contain much detailed information; we have therefore provided online user guides and integrated help functions. If, however, you still have any unanswered questions, we provide a complete support service. Please use the Contact Us form to submit your query.

What are the different types of Supply contract opportunities?

Competitive Contract Notice

Contract opportunities that are typically worth under £100,000 will be categorised as Competitive Contract Notices and will be classified by the ‘Nature of the Contract’, of which there are four categories: Works, Services, Goods or Research (scientific).

Competitive Contract Notice will state the requirements of the opportunity.

Competitive Contract Addendum will highlight any changes or amendments to or provide notification of cancellation of a published Competitive Contract Notice.

Competitive Contract Award will publish details of the company or companies which have been awarded the contract opportunity.

Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)

Contract opportunities typically worth over £100,000 and submitted via the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) will be given a specific OJEU reference and will again be classified by ‘Nature of the Contract’.

Procedure types

Open procedure: A procedure where suppliers can apply without prior selection. The EU Directives lay down the type of criteria which can be used to eliminate unqualified or unsuitable suppliers.

Restricted procedure: A procedure where suppliers are selected by an open first-round invitation. All prospective suppliers can apply to be included in the restricted list for the contract. Those suppliers who meet the required criteria will then be invited to tender.

Negotiated procedure: A procedure where only chosen suppliers are invited to negotiate contracts. May be used in limited circumstances – eg extreme urgency, failure of open or restricted procedures to yield valid tenders, or repetition of similar work.

Accelerated restricted or negotiated procedure: A procedure where the length of time of the procurement response process may be shortened to accommodate unforeseen circumstances and/or emergency situations.

Any other queries

We hope that we have made the Supply2Gov site very user-friendly, and in order to support your use of this site we have provided online user guides within the resources section as well as integrated help functions. If, however, you still have any unanswered questions, we provide a complete support service. Please use the Contact Us form to submit your query.

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Take out one of our country plans and you can add another country for 30% discount, add 2 more for 35%, add 3 for 40% or add 4 for 45%!

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