Construction Update: COVID-19

As the coronavirus crisis rages on, the construction industry is still adjusting to the ‘lockdown’ way of life.

New research from Glenigan has confirmed that “3,000 on-site projects have been impacted by COVID-19”, with work halting on 29% of UK construction sites at the beginning of April 2019.


COVID-19 and the impact on the UK construction sector

Although the Government has given formal approval for work on HS2 to commence its construction phase, many other construction projects have been interrupted.

Devolved authorities across the country have suspended works due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Glenigan has reported that:

“Northern Ireland has been the hardest hit, following the decision by the Northern Ireland Executive to suspend work on almost all construction sites.”

“Non-essential” sites have also been told to close by the Scottish government, which will have a significant impact upon private housing and non-residential sites. It is believed that 79% of Scottish sites are now currently suspended.

The Scottish government has released a new Construction Policy Note (CPN) 1/2020 which complements Scottish Procurement Policy Notes 4/2020 and 5/2020. The policy note states:

“Scottish Government’s objective for the construction sector during the COVID-19 pandemic is to help ensure that Scotland as a whole takes a responsible approach to the containment of COVID-19 while being in a position to respond to both critical and longer term recovery requirements.”


When will sites reopen?

It is unclear when life will go back to normal for the construction industry. However, some sites have begun to reopen.

It has been confirmed that Bouygues UK is to reopen some of their sites week commencing 20 April 2020, after a three-week shutdown to review safe working practices. A spokesman for the organisation has said:

“Safety remains our priority. We have been working in close collaboration with our staff, supply chain and clients to ensure work can continue safely.”


How can Supply2Gov help?

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