#EarthDay: The UK invests in environmental consultancy

Earth Day is on 22 April, and to celebrate we have written about current trends in environmental consultancy.

Research from Environment Analyst has revealed that the UK’s environmental consulting market will continue to grow despite uncertainties around Brexit.

Infrastructure opportunities, increased public sector spend and more effective management structures are considered to be the catalyst for this continued healthy organic growth.

The environmental consultancy market is predicted to hit over £2 billion by 2022.

What type of opportunities have arisen?

Figures collated by Consultancy.uk show continued growth since 2010.

Suppliers operating in the environmental consulting sector have benefited from a range of public sector infrastructure renewal programmes in recent years. A number of these opportunities have come from the development of HS2 and the Highways England project.

The Chancellor’s 2019 Spring Statement included many commitments to the environment, with Mr Hammond stating that the Government “are addressing the environmental challenges that threaten our planet”.

Small and medium-sized enterprises account for 99% of UK businesses; however, it was revealed that the majority have a “very low awareness” of the benefits that come with energy efficiency. To tackle this the Government are considering three possible ways to support SMEs improve their energy efficiency by at least 20% by 2030.

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