Edinburgh SME wins contract to fit trams with innovative alarm systems


At Supply2Gov we love to share the success stories of small businesses winning work with the public sector!

We were delighted to hear that a small firm from Edinburgh, IHF Ltd, has won the contract to fit trams with alarms that can prevent potential disasters.

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IHF Ltd contract win

IHF Ltd beat stiff competition to win the Driver Innovation Safety Challenge (DISC) contract. More than 113 businesses applied, including several larger companies.

For the £168,000 Driver Innovation Safety Challenge (DISC) contract, IHF Ltd will implement systems that are designed to monitor tram drivers and give early warning if they fall asleep, black out or lose focus.

Although many of Edinburgh trams have similar systems in place, this new technology will pick up subtle indicators faster, monitoring drivers’ heart rate, sweat, and breathing.

The public sector has been looking to work with suppliers in this area in recent years after high-profile disasters such as the Croydon tram crash in 2016 when a tram derailed on a bend killing seven people, and the Glasgow bin lorry crash in 2014 which killed six people.

Speaking to the Edinburgh Evening News, IHF’s CEO Neil Clark said:

“It was really nice to come out on top as a small Edinburgh company working with such a big Edinburgh project.”


Local government opportunities are on the rise

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Many local government opportunities are eminently suitable for SMEs, making local government an ideal area for businesses looking to start working with the public sector. The ongoing scale of local government procurement can be seen in BiP’s market report, which states that the value of local government sector contract notices is over £1 billion a week, hitting £ 1,767,095,859 earlier in May 2020. This figure is more remarkable, given that over 50% of local government contract notices do not state a contract value.

The fact that such sums are being spent in one week by one sector indicates the strength of the public sector procurement marketplace and its importance as a source of opportunity for business.


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