Evidence to include within your bid

The UK government has posted details on “how to bid for government contracts as an SME effectively”.

The online guide includes steps SMEs can take when bidding for government contracts so they can compete with larger companies.

The latest guidance released by the government in September 2020 advises on the different types of proposal evidence your bid should include.

We outline each type of evidence below.



When bidding for public sector contracts you must put your money where your mouth is.

Statistics are a great way to outline what your business can do right off the bat and display build trust, confidence and endorsement.

Numbers are important, always give examples of actual performance against target for similar contracts.


Case study

It’s all very well stating that your business is the best at what it does; however, that will not be enough to convince the public sector to work with you.

Never assume that buyers will take your word. Give the public sector a real insight into what your business does by giving examples from case studies, statistics about projects you have already completed, accreditation details or awards that your business has been granted.



Within the list section, you can give details of your prior similar clients or contracts held. You must fill this section in as it highlights your breadth of experience.



Just like you would for a job interview, you must prepare a unique CV for each specific tender.

The advantage of this section is that you can show clear staff competency. Within it give details of proposed skills and expertise of your proposed team.


Added Value

It is important that what the buyer is looking for when you are writing a bid. “Added value” is an incredibly important part of the selection questionnaire but suppliers often ask, “what does that mean?”.

This section is the part where you can promote what your business does. For example, if your business supplies equipment, mention in the Added Value section if your business will fit it for free.

This is the kind of thing the public sector is looking for, and it may be something your business won’t think twice about doing.


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