Get started with contract opportunities for SMEs

Contract opportunities for SMEs

It is a misperception that only larger businesses can win public sector tenders; in fact the UK Government is committed to working even more with successful SME businesses.

This is nothing new. In 2015 the Government set a target to spend £1 in every £3 with small businesses by 2020, aiming that its procurement spend goes to small and medium-sized firms directly or through the supply chain.

Are you looking for contract opportunities that are suitable for SME businesses? Supply2Gov can help you to get started for FREE!

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Contract opportunities for SMEs

Our “pay as you grow” model is well suited to SMEs that have never worked with the public sector before. We let our users try our services for free. This means that there are no risks for your business – only room to grow.


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Suppliers we work with

Would you like to gain access to the largest database of contract opportunities in the UK and Republic of Ireland? In 2017, we published over 34,000 more opportunities than official government portals.

We work with suppliers from the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • IT
  • Healthcare
  • Training
  • Cleaning
  • Consultancy
  • Media Marketing


Find contract opportunities in your local area

If you have never worked with the public sector before, start small by looking for local contract opportunities.

Supply2Gov’s FREE “Ready to take flight” package allows users to pick any local location in the UK they want to receive tender alerts from.

There are many benefits from our local area subscription:

  • You will never miss contract opportunities in your chosen free area
  • Gain access to public and private sector contract opportunities
  • Contract opportunities are sent straight to your inbox (Monday – Friday)
  • We will send you relevant procurement news and market insights
  • Our team will keep you up to date with any industry reports related to small businesses

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Free local areas include Greater Manchester – South, Glasgow City, and Outer Belfast.