Government simplifies public sector tendering

Government simplifies public sector tendering

Good news for all SME businesses: the Government has simplified public sector tendering! A new Public Sector Contract has been introduced to make the procurement process easier for businesses that want to start selling to the public sector market.


What’s changing?

The Government has announced that the new contract being introduced removes duplication from the application process and streamlines the procurement process for businesses that supply to the public sector through Crown Commercial Service (CCS) procurement frameworks.


Good news for small businesses

This change makes it easier for small businesses to get involved with government procurement. In the past, SMEs have found it hard to enter the market due to a lack of resources and complicated terms and conditions. Emma Jones, Crown Representative for Small Business, said that this will no longer be the case:

“The new CCS contract is shorter and easier to understand and takes a more standardised approach. This should save SMEs time and money when deciding to bid for CCS deals and I welcome the approach.”

One SME business, Neontribe, responded to the change saying that a simpler contract will benefit smaller businesses and could help them to win more public sector tenders.


Get started with public sector tendering

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