How the Prime Minister’s spending promises could affect UK tenders

The new UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recently made a number of spending promises which could create future tender opportunities for suppliers.

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No-deal Brexit

With the prospect of a no-deal Brexit happening on 31 October, the Prime Minister has allocated immediate funds to support the Government’s preparations for this eventuality.

According to the BBC, the Treasury has announced that:

“£2.1 billion would be spent bolstering border and customs operations, stockpiling critical medical supplies and supporting UK nationals abroad. Money will also be spent on a public awareness campaign ahead of a possible no-deal Brexit outcome.”



Healthcare is a key area of investment for Mr Johnson. Reports suggest he is “determined to deliver” on promises made during the Brexit referendum campaign by significantly increasing NHS spending.

The Prime Minister confirmed a new £1.8 billion NHS cash injection to help improve patient care at the beginning of August. This spend will go towards “more beds, new cutting-edge equipment and additional wards will be delivered at hospitals across the country.”



According to Justice Secretary Robert Buckland, under Mr Johnson’s leadership by “the mid-2020s” the Government will have delivered around 13,500 extra prison places. The cost of building or refurbishing cells as part of this programme is projected to reach £2.5 billion.

Further to this, the BBC has reported that “if £2.5 billion is actually spent then under the Barnett formula about an extra £300 million would need to be allocated to Scotland and Northern Ireland.”



During his recent Conservative party leadership campaign, Mr Johnson declared that he would reverse previous cuts to school spending should he get into Number 10. In less than a month in post, the Prime Minister has revealed that moving forward he wants per-pupil funding to hit at least £5000 in English secondary schools.

Mr Johnston has also stated that he wants to increase funding in primary schools.


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