How to use Supply2Gov Tenders to win government contracts

Supply2Gov is one of the leading public sector tender alerts companies in the UK. Our extensive database uses more than 3000 sources to provide more contract notices than even the government’s own Contract Finder platform. Tender notices are received and published immediately, so all the contracts listed on our tender portal are up to date.

Let’s take a look at how Supply2Gov can kickstart your journey into public sector tendering by providing you with essential information, guidance, and access to our extensive database of government contracts.

Simplified And Effective Tendering Process

One of our best features is the degree to which you can tailor your account to suit your exact needs at an exact time. For instance, you might be starting out in public procurement and are limiting your products, services, or works to your local community. 

In this case, you can register for our free package, which includes our Tender Ready Toolkit, access to our Helpdesk, and the use of our tender alert feature, which notifies you of relevant tenders as they are published. 

This gives you the opportunity to gain experience and win contracts with low-value tenders from local public sector organisations. As you start to win tenders, your confidence grows and you feel your business could expand your reach outside of your local area.

Local to National & Low Value to High

You can easily upgrade to one of our paid packages and receive a contract notice for all suitable tenders that are posted in the public sector in your chosen Country, UK Wide and the UK & Ireland.

This automatically extends your reach, brand awareness, and exposure to new government buyers, as well as different public sector and government departments.

Successful public tenders

A lot of your success on future bids depends on how you conduct yourself through the procurement process as you explore the wider tender market. 

For instance, build relationships through early engagement will enhance your reputation as a thought leader in your field.

Your very first exchange with prospective buyers should display your innovation and ideas on how to drive the industry forward

Carry your reputation as a credible and reliable supplier with you into the expanded market and you’ll find it easier to make a good impression on contracting authorities. 

You could also impress your competitors and inspire collaborative projects to enhance your chances of winning a tender. 

Get all this right and you might find that, actually, you have very little competition because you automatically stand out as the better tender compared to other suppliers in the market.

Supply2Gov vs. Government Portals

Supply2Gov Tender Alerts

S2G boasts the largest and most up-to-date database in the UK and Republic of Ireland. You’ll find more tender opportunities on our database than on the official government platform (one year, we published 34,000 more contracts than Contracts Finder and Find a Tender).

This enables us to provide our primary benefit:


You don’t have to search numerous tender portals for new contract notices in your line of work.

Instead, all you have to do is register for Supply2Gov and sit back and relax while we deliver all potential tender opportunities to your inbox. We do the legwork and you get on with the practical side of searching for tenders.

Time Saved is Time Earned

You can put the time saved by not searching for tenders back into your business. There are plenty of ways in which you can use the time to win tenders. It’s up to you to decide which aspects of your tender process need a bit of extra attention.

  • Improve early engagement with influential buyers and decision-makers.
  • Build networks and relationships with suitable suppliers and buyers.
  • Refine your product, service, or work so there is no doubt that you are the better quality option.
  • Research additional contracting authorities (including their trading history) so you’re prepared with the relevant information required for the next bid.
  • Initiate collaborative projects with other suppliers in your field so you stand out in the selection process.

After Convenience Comes Price

Supply2Gov’s biggest benefit is pricing flexibility. 

You can choose the package and payment plan that suits your current circumstances:

  • Monthly
  • Annually

There’s no need to panic about finding a lump sum once a year. You can take it easy with monthly payments and change your payment plan as your business grows and takes on more – higher value – public sector contracts.

The great thing about a fixed price is that it’s easy to incorporate into your total cost estimate when putting together a bid for submission. It’s important to include every single cost, even if it seems insignificant because it will affect your bottom line. 

After all, several insignificant costs can add up to a remarkably significant cost. You could end up with very little profit and not know why.

Supply2Gov Discovers the Best Government Contracts

Our database of over 3000 sources reveals the best public sector tenders for you. You can choose the contracts that are the perfect fit for your business right now and adjust your requirements as you win contracts. 

You’ll also find that while winning tenders is fantastic, there are still plenty of benefits for those whose bids didn’t make it through the thorough review process.

Win or Lose

  • Government contracts are accessible. Even low-value contracts must be published online. So, SMEs can take advantage of every contract opportunity available. For example, all government contracts over £12,000 and wider public sector contracts over £30,000 must be published on tender portals.
  • The UK government has simplified the bidding process in many ways to make it easier for SMEs to bid on and win contracts.
  • Payment is guaranteed within 30 days, although it’s been shown that 80% of suppliers are paid by their buying authority within five days.
  • Transparent processes ensure the award system is fair to everyone. Access to information is the same. Evaluation criteria are the same.  All suppliers are given feedback on their bids regardless of whether or not they submitted the winning tender. If not immediately forthcoming, you can request feedback about your tendering process. 

What to Include in a Government Tender Response

Supply2Gov can only take you so far on your journey to winning tenders. It’s up to you to finish the tendering process and make your unique selling point shine. Part of this is knowing what information the contracting authority requires.

In most cases, the contracting authority requires the following:

  • Buyer’s contact details
  • What’s the contract for? Services? Products? Works?
  • Description of the service, product, or work
  • Follow tender instructions, complete the documents provided, and submit accurate quotations
  • Specific bidding criteria, such as providing references (the right references from buyers with authority)
  • Alternative criteria or requirements that provide a different way to win the tender contract.
  • Financial and technical capacity required to fulfil the tender contract.

Following the instructions is essential. You need to be able to provide information for a detailed enough answer but stick within the allotted word count.

Are you a suitable supplier?

You’ve seen what to include in a tender, but how can you be sure that it’s the right tender for you?

  • Do you have the financial means to deliver the tender?
  • Do you have the technical skills and equipment necessary to deliver the results detailed in the tender specification?
  • Do you have or have access to all the resources you’ll need to meet the needs of the buying authority?
  • Do you have the time to do a good job or do you have other time-sensitive projects on the go?
  • Do you absolutely meet the buyer’s requirements? Nothing less than 100% will do.

Find a Contract on Supply2Gov

Supply2Gov delivers tender alerts for the full range of government contracts available, including:

  • Construction: Civil engineering, construction materials, bricklaying, etc.
  • IT: Software services, telecommunications, access control systems, etc.
  • Healthcare: Emergency equipment, pharmaceuticals, dental services, etc.
  • Defence: Ammunition, R&D, manufacturing, etc.
  • Training: Educational software, training aids, medical and safety, etc.
  • Cleaning: Schools, prisons, hospitals etc.
  • Other: Food & Drink, Consultancy, Transport, Communication, Security, Technology

If you’re ready to conquer the public sector and win tenders, take that vital first step and register on Supply2Gov for free. Pick your payment package, take advantage of all the advice and guidance provided and you could start winning tenders in no time at all.