Latest infrastructure report outlines future construction opportunities

Our parent company BiP Solutions has released its latest market report: “Transforming Infrastructure: Building Britain’s Future – Opportunities and Trends 2019”.

This report examines some of the key themes in infrastructure today and shines a spotlight on many of the construction tenders that have been granted in recent years by the public sector.


Infrastructure Investment

In the latest report by procurement experts BiP Solutions, it is noted that:

“The UK is currently host to some of the largest infrastructure projects underway in Europe, with HS2, Crossrail and Thames Tideway some of the flagship developments in the sector.”

Investment is set to continue as the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline (published in 2018) gives detail of the level of investment expected in construction and infrastructure over the next decade.

The Government predicts that £600Bn of both private and public investment will fund nearly 700 projects that will aim to improve UK roads and rail, hospitals and schools, utilities, energy and communications.


Key Statistics

The report also hosts the findings of a specially commissioned survey that considers the impact of large-scale infrastructure projects on the overall construction industry. According to the survey:

“80% of participants agree or strongly agree that infrastructure has been responsible for driving growth within the industry over the past 12 months.”

The great majority of participants (89%) also agree that large-scale infrastructure projects are vital for the economy of a post-Brexit Britain, with some two-thirds confident that strong public investment within the UK is likely to continue.


Spend Analysis

The “Transforming Infrastructure: Building Britain’s Future – Opportunities and Trends 2019” Spend Analysis chapter breaks down infrastructure spend in three sections:

  • Investment in the pipeline 2018/19 to 2020/21 by sector (£Bn)
  • Funding mix of the pipeline 2018/19 to 2020/21 by sector (£Bn)
  • Around £225Bn investment in the pipeline beyond 2020/21 by sector

To gain access to these detailed figures, download the report here.


Opportunities in Construction

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