#PasswordDay: Cyber security investment within the public sector is growing

2 May 2019 marks National Password Day!  #PasswordDay aims to increase awareness of cyber security threats and in turn make the internet a more secure place.

The public sector is becoming more and more aware of potential breaches, which makes the cyber security marketplace an incredibly lucrative place for start-ups and SMEs leading in this kind of innovation.

In celebration of #PasswordDay we check out some of the opportunities in cyber security with the public sector.


The public sector needs cyber security experts

At the end of 2018, the Government assigned £2.5 million to a new UK Cyber Security Council to develop cyber security expertise. Not only did this show huge commitment to the future of the sector but the investment gave many cyber security suppliers opportunities to work with the public sector.

In addition, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond pledged an additional £1 billion to cyber security across the board during the Autumn budget.


Why is the Government investing?

The UK public sector is investing in cyber security. Ciaran Martin, Head of the National Cyber Security Centre, warned last year that a major cyber-attack on the country is a matter of “when, not if” and stated that cyber security is a big part of the UK’s security toolkit.

Public sector organisations like the NHS have stepped up their cyber game ever since the WannaCry attack in 2017. This attack cost the organisation £92 million and left many professionals repairing the consequences months later.

Since the attack, NHS Digital, the national provider of data and IT systems and advice for the NHS, has been working with cyber security suppliers in the private sector to implement new strategies to keep the organisation “prepared and ready to respond” to potential attacks.

This year NHS Digital plans to invest in web filtering gateways, firewalls and vulnerability management software.


New opportunities

With cyber security awareness in the public sector growing, now is the time for your business to find opportunities within this marketplace.

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