‘Procurement: Deal or No Deal’: Get your copy now


We have been keeping our readers up to date with the latest guidelines on government tendering after Brexit.

Now that the UK Parliament has voted against Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, public sector buyers and suppliers are asking “what’s next?”

If you would like to learn more about how procurement will change if there’s a ‘no-deal exit’, download a copy of the  ‘Procurement: Deal or No Deal’ factsheet.

This helpful document outlines created by our parent company, BiP Solutions, outlines what we currently know about how public procurement will proceed, given the various possibilities for Britain’s exit from the EU. It discusses:

  • What will stay the same if no deal is negotiated
  • How a negotiated deal will affect UK procurement
  • What contracting authorities can do to reduce how much they need to prepare

The factsheet is available for download now.

Get your copy here.