Public sector tendering: what are the potential costs for your business?

what are the potential costs of tendering to the public sector for your business?

When looking for tendering opportunities, your business may come across some potential costs. These costs can take the form of anything from expenditure to information. To be successful, it is important for SMEs to understand the costs involved when bidding for public sector tenders. Here we look at four potential costs when tendering for public sector contracts.



Monetary costs are, of course, a huge factor in public sector tendering. There are many things that your business may need to invest in after winning a contract such as resources, travel and recruitment.

These expenses are something to consider when looking for tenders. A key question to ask yourself before bidding for a public sector tender opportunity is “If I win this tender, do I have the necessary funds to complete the work successfully?”

You also need to be prepared for the costs involved in bidding for public sector tenders. Small businesses may find it worthwhile to look for smaller local opportunities as these eliminate travel expenses – you can start looking for them for free with Supply2Gov.


Public sector tender training

Procurement can be a complicated process to get your head around, particularly if you are new to it. Not having the necessary knowledge of the bidding process can be discouraging to many small businesses.

Knowledge gives you power, and with power comes confidence. Being confident in your business and your bid will help the public sector buying organisation to be confident in your product or service, which in turn will help you to win bids.

Many procurement training courses are tailored to certain elements of procurement, such as bid preparation or bid writing. Attending a course to help your business with an element it may be struggling with is well worth the investment.



Running a business can be time-consuming. Any small business will be affected by the hours of staff time that you need to spend trying to find the most suitable public sector tender for your business.

There are countless search portals out there but searching through them can be daunting, as you try to filter out the opportunities that are not relevant to your business. This is where tender alerts come in…


Tender Alerts

Tender alerts subscriptions can be costly, and if you are new to public sector procurement it can be difficult to choose the right one for your business.

With Supply2Gov’s tender alerts, you can manage your public sector tenders with just a few clicks by setting up a profile outlining your organisation’s particular requirements and areas of expertise.

Save yourself valuable time and let Supply2Gov make it as easy as possible for you to find tender opportunities perfect for your business.

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