Sourcing relevant public procurement opportunities

searching for contracts

Public sector bodies publish tender notices every day, which means that thousands of opportunities are published every year.

With so many contracts available, the marketplace can be a daunting place for SMEs with little resource.

To get the best out of your time and efforts it is important that your business is sourcing only relevant public procurement opportunities.


How to search for public procurement opportunities

Contract search tools can be extremely beneficial to a business getting started with public sector procurement.

When searching for relevant public procurement opportunities, a company that specialises in cyber security, for example, could choose the category ‘IT’ to search for contracts. By doing this, they will have to trail through many irrelevant IT service and maintenance opportunities.

To avoid this, make sure you are using a tool which uses an ‘Or’ search logic. Also, use a combination of keywords and Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) codes. This will refine your search, meaning that it filters out irrelevant opportunities, leaving the contracts that are right for your business.


Tender Alerts

Manual search can be eliminated if your business chooses to implement a tender alerts tool into its procurement strategy.

Many small businesses find that they discover opportunities suited to the services or product their business provides when it’s too late. Your business will need as much time as possible to prepare for a bid, therefore it is important that you are keeping your eyes on the prize by using a tender alerts service.

The main benefit of alerts is that your business can stay ahead of the competition without sifting through numerous portals as a notification is sent to your inbox as soon as a relevant opportunity becomes available.


Get started with Supply2Gov

Supply2Gov users can gain instant access to opportunities in the area/region/country of their choice. This tailored approach supports small businesses with their goal of being more efficient when sourcing relevant public procurement opportunities.

What is unique about our Tender Alerts tool is that you can pay as you grow. So, start with no strings attached by registering for a free local area subscription.

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