UK Tenders: What’s happening in Education?

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We have spoken about spending on education in previous blogs, highlighting it as a sector which the UK government has been investing in.

Local authorities in the UK have been spending money on the sector to prepare students for the needs of a digital workplace, and investing in technology to facilitate this.



In February 2018, £1.8 billion of public funding was allocated to individual schools and colleges in Scotland. This investment aims to boost access to education in deprived communities. When this allocation was announced, Scotland’s Further and Higher Education Minister Shirley-Anne Somerville said:

“Universities and colleges are one of the cornerstones of Scotland’s education system, supporting people of all ages to fulfill their potential in life… They also have a significant role to play in creating a fairer society, and through our shared agenda to widen access to further and higher education we can help close the attainment gap between our most and least deprived young people.”



It was also announced this year that £100 million is being invested into Welsh education over the next three years.

Cabinet Secretary for Education Kirsty Williams believes that it is Wales “national mission” to raise standards across the education system. The new programme, which has been titled the “21st-century Schools and Education programme” aims to do this while modernising the country’s education infrastructure.



Last year English schools were given a £2.4 billion funding boost to improve or expand thousands of school buildings. Former Education Secretary Justine Greening noted that the investment would “build a fairer society, with a good school place available for every child.”


UK tenders for education suppliers

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