What’s new for environmental tenders 2018

What's new for environmental tenders 2018

Throughout 2018, the Government is investing heavily in environmental tenders to ensure that the UK is doing its bit for the environment. From air pollution to electric charging, there are environmental tendering opportunities perfect for your business.

Environmental Update


Great news for the environmental sector

From the infographic above, it is clear that the Government is taking positive action to help the environment. This is great news for the environmental sector, with heavy investment being made into the procurement of supporting goods and services.

At the beginning of 2018, the Environment Agency announced an impressive investment of £155 million into new works to take place across the UK. Additionally, no less than £3.5 billion has been invested by the Government with the aim of reducing air pollution caused by diesel vehicles. Complementing this measure, the Government aims to halve the number of people living in highly polluted areas by 2025, opening up many and varied tendering opportunities.

To help ensure that the Government’s environmental aims are achieved, there is to be a push to expand electric charging points. With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular, it has been estimated that 83,500 charging points will need to be installed by 2020 to meet demand.

All this means that there has been no better time than now to look for environmental tenders.


Finding available environmental tenders

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