Why social value is important when bidding for government tenders

The latest BiP Solutions market report highlights the importance of social value when bidding for government tenders.

‘Is Procurement Good Business?’ explores social value in the current procurement landscape and introduces some of the regulations around social value for those who may be new to procurement.

Learn about the report and the importance of social value when bidding for government tenders below.


Ethical supply chains

The most recent market report by procurement experts BiP Solutions states that when putting government contracts out to tender, buyers must “show that they are treating smaller companies fairly”.

In July 2019 the UK Government announced that suppliers winning public contracts could lose out in the future if they fail to pay their supply chain on time.

The Government’s new Crown Representative for Small Business, Martin Traynor OBE, is championing the latest plans, recognising that slow payment can be extremely damaging for smaller businesses.

In a government statement, Mr Traynor said:

“Making sure companies in the government supply chain are paid on time is very important – particularly for small businesses.

“The difference between waiting 60 days and having to wait 90 days can be make-or-break for many small companies, so it’s vital that both the private and public sector work better in this area.”

Instead of working with suppliers that are failing to adhere to the regulations, the UK Government wants to engage with suppliers that are making a difference to their communities, tackling ethical issues other than payment including sustainability and modern slavery.

This is something examined in ‘Is Procurement Good Business?’ The report’s ‘Ethical Supply Chains’ section outlines what suppliers can do to stand out in the procurement industry – for the right reasons.


Download the full report

If you would like to work with the public sector, the ‘Is Procurement Good Business?’ report offers firm advice on how your business can get ahead in procurement by supporting you to stand out in terms of social value.

Gain access to the full report here.