Beginner’s guide to healthcare tenders

NHS Procurement - beginners guide to healthcare tenders

Would your micro or small business like to win work with the NHS and other healthcare organisations?

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The first step to tendering success is reading our ‘Beginner’s Guide to Healthcare tenders’ post. By doing this you will learn more about NHS spending, healthcare and NHS tenders, and the benefits of tendering for sole traders and micro/small businesses.


NHS spending

In June 2018, it was announced that the “NHS will receive increased funding of £20.5 billion per year by the end of 5 years.”

This funding has been allocated as part of a 10-year plan. Moving forward priorities for the NHS  include:

  • delivering agreed performance standards –  building on progress made in 2018 (with regards to the safety and quality of care)
  • transforming cancer care
  • better access to mental health services
  • better integration of health and social care
  • focusing on the prevention of ill-health

To complete the work which is required to improve these areas, more healthcare and NHS tenders will be opened to the private sector market. The winning bidder will be awarded the contract.


NHS and Healthcare Tenders

Within healthcare and NHS procurement the term “tenders” stands for the healthcare contract opportunities that are published by organisations like the NHS for goods, services, works and utilities.

Public sector organisations must be transparent when they are tendering and must treat bidders equally, while the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 encourage the division of large high-value tenders into lots, each of which can be bid for separately. This opens the healthcare sector to smaller businesses across the UK that want to find low value healthcare tenders.


Benefits of working with the NHS

Many private sector businesses are attracted to working with the NHS as winning contracts comes with benefits including:

  • Gain credibility and get the references your business needs to win work
  • High quantity and quality business opportunities

In addition, the Government’s prompt payment policy means that 80% of invoices submitted by suppliers to the public sector are paid within five days, with the rest being paid within 30 days.


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*Blog updated 06/05/2019