How to make the most of Supply2Gov tender alerts

How to make the most of Supply2Gov tender alerts


Tender searches can be time consuming, especially for micro businesses that do not have the same resources as larger businesses that have a team devoted to procurement.

Our tender alerts service is tailored to the needs of sole traders and micro and small businesses in the UK. If you want to gain instant access to tender opportunities, find out more about our tender alerts service below.


Benefits of tender alerts

By signing up to a tender alerts subscription you will reduce the time you spend looking for opportunities with the public sector.

Our flexible packages are a gateway for sole traders, micro and small businesses that want to find contract opportunities that are suited to the services they offer.

When you set up your account you can also pick how you pay: monthly, bi-annually or annually.


How to set up my tender alerts?

When registering on Supply2Gov you will be asked to provide “keywords” that are relevant to the services/products your business offers.

For example, if your micro business offers construction services then you would add this to the keywords section during set-up. Supply2Gov will tell you there and then how many matching opportunities have been published in the last month in:

  • Your Selected Local Area (e.g. Glasgow City)
  • Your Country (e.g. Scotland)
  • Across the UK + ROI


s2g construction tender alerts


When setting up your profile, you can add as many keywords as you like to your search. The more keywords that you add at this point, the more opportunities you are likely to receive.

Top tip: Try to keep the keywords as relevant as possible, as this will help you to eliminate any opportunities that are not suitable to your business, keeping your search clean and easy to browse through.


Local Area Tender Alerts

All Supply2Gov customers can get instant access tender alerts and opportunities in one local area for FREE.

During the set-up process you will be asked to select the local area of your choice and will be given a list of local areas in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and in England.

You have free choice of local area. You can choose the local area where your business is based or, if you intend to grow your customer base elsewhere, you can select that area instead.

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Looking to grow your business?

Supply2Gov users have the option to purchase additional coverage. When you upgrade to country coverage, the more countries you choose, the more you will save. You can add another country for a 30% discount, add 2 more for 35%, add 3 for 40% or add 4 for 45%!

Register for one of our tender alerts packages today.