How to produce a winning tender, and keep on winning

How to produce a winning tender, and keep on winning

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If you are looking for the dos and don’ts of procurement then you have come to the right place. The Supply2Gov team are here to save the day once again, helping sole traders and micro business to win tenders in the UK and Ireland!

Here’s some top tips that will help you win more public sector tenders!


Your “bid team”

Usually, a ‘bid team’ would be created with staff from relevant departments of a business. However, a sole trader or micro business may not have his type of resource.

Nonetheless, you should never attempt the procurement process alone. Make sure that your application is seen by a pair of fresh eyes before submission. Someone else is much more likely to spot errors and omissions and  will help you to create a more comprehensive bid.

Consultancy may be the best option for this. The Procurement Advice and Support Service (PASS) provides the expert services that can help your small business to identify and address the reasons why you may not be winning business with the public sector.


Confidence is key

If you are not confident about the quality of your product or service, then why should the public sector organisation you are trying to sell to be?

Your micro business must promote the product or service it is selling and the added value it will bring to the organisation – this is one of the best ways to beat competitors.

Explain the advantages of working with your company clearly and in detail – it’s that simple!


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Timing is everything!

That’s right, if you’re not fast, you’re last!

The public sector has no time for incomplete and/or late tenders. If your application misses the deadline or you fail to complete every section of the application, you will be wasting your own time as this type of tender cannot be evaluated.

If you want to win more tenders, your tender application MUST be completed and returned by the given time and date.

Double check everything before you do this, making sure anything that needs to be signed is. If the bid asks for your application not to bear your company name, remember that this applies to the envelope and frank too.


Ask for feedback

OK, so it’s not always possible to win first time.

If you want to win tenders, one of the best ways to do it is to learn from the mistakes you have made in the past.

After the time and effort you have put into your tender application, you are entitled to a debriefing from the public sector organisation that you have applied to work with.

This is often extremely helpful. You may discover that you lost because of something small that can be easily fixed for the next tender opportunity.


Ready to go again?

Your goal should be to win more tenders – we can help you to this.

The first step is finding tender opportunities that are relevant to your business in every way. When you choose our service, you can choose where you want to win work and receive tailored tender alerts for the type of work you want to win.


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