The Best Way to Find Cleaning Tenders in the UK & ROI

The best way to find cleaning tenders in the UK & ROI

The cleaning market can be incredibly competitive and, depending on where you are based in the UK or Ireland, it can be hard for a start-up or micro business to win commercial cleaning contracts. This alone should be enough to convince your small business to look into public sector cleaning tenders.

Find out how we can help your business find cleaning areas in your local area, across the UK or Ireland!


Business is booming

It turns out that the UK is home to some very messy people (are you surprised?). The cleaning industry contributes over £24 billion to the UK economy and it is one of the most active industries in the UK.

A recent study by AMA Research* has shown that maintenance and cleaning represent two of the most commonly outsourced facilities management services within the healthcare industry alone.

That said, it’s not just hospitals that need cleaned and maintained, the public sector requires all kinds of cleaning services, everything from window cleaning to industrial deep cleans to maintain buildings like schools, offices, leisure centres, prisons and police stations – which explains why cleaning services constantly stay in demand.

This proves that cleaning tenders are out there, but how can you find them?


Finders Keepers!

A micro business should not expect customers to fall in its lap – you need to start looking for them. Finding cleaning tenders before your competition should be at the top of your small businesses priority list.

The best way to find cleaning tenders is by signing up to a tender alerts service. Searching for cleaning tender opportunities can be time consuming – time a small business often doesn’t have.

Cleaning tender alerts can be extremely valuable to a micro business with little resource. It removes the need for a member of your team to sift through different portals across the UK and Ireland.


Cleaning Tender Alerts

Supply2Gov covers all areas across the UK & Ireland – we posted 4195 cleaning tenders last year. Whether you are looking to start small and branch out or aim for work out of the UK, we offer packages that cover:

  • Local Area (free to sign up to!)
  • Home Country
  • UK Wide
  • UK & ROI

Wherever you are looking for cleaning tenders, we can help you get started.

Sign up to Supply2Gov today.


* The ‘Facilities Management Outsourcing – Health & Education Market Report – UK 2018-2022’ report is published by AMA Research.