How to win UK Government Tenders in 2019

If your organisation is looking to break into the government procurement market for the first time, then we have great news for you – you have come to the right place. Here at Supply2Gov we have a well-established history of helping organisations of all sizes grow their business in public sector procurement, and there are numerous UK government tender opportunities available.

Why work with the government sector?

The government is a hugely desirable client. For one thing, it will always pay its suppliers and the wider supply chain on time – there is a legal requirement for invoices to be paid within 30 days. It constantly requires a huge volume of services to keep it running, and contracts can be immensely valuable. All UK government tenders worth over £10,000 are published in the OJEU and viewable via the Supply2Gov online database.

Save time and resource with tender alerts

Winning government tenders is not as scary as it sounds. The first step is to find the opportunities that are right for your business. Supply2Gov’s tender alert service is a great way to start and refine your search. Receive UK government tender opportunities relevant to what your organisation is looking for straight to your inbox, without wasting valuable time and resources.

If you haven’t already, register for daily tender alerts and follow the steps below.

Do your research

If you have a specific area of government or local authority procurement that you want to grow business in, it is good practice to research which buyers have a history of publishing contracts in the area you are interested in. Find out which suppliers they have previously worked with and the services that these organisations offer. If you’re able to, pick up the phone and speak directly to the buyers and find out more specific details about the contract. Once you have researched thoroughly, ask yourself if the contract is suitable for your organisation’s capability and what you want to achieve.

The government may be looking for a service that can be provided in a variety of ways, and you can guarantee they will analyse all of them. For example, a supplier could propose the same service as your organisation offers but for a lower price. They could propose a different service for the same price, or they could propose an enhanced service for which the buyer would pay more but achieve longer-lasting, quality results. A top tip for small or medium-sized firms is to prove that you have the flexibility and innovation to offer all of these options.

Initial research can prevent you from making costly mistakes further down the line and give you the best chance of nailing the contract bid the first-time round.

Provide evidence

It is no use writing general statements about why your organisation is a great fit for working on a government tender. The UK government procurement market is often described as ‘lucrative’ – a great deal of money is involved which can be game-changing for a small business – which means contracts are highly competitive to win. You will need to provide examples of case studies, statistics on projects you have already completed, accreditation details or awards that your business has been granted, off the back of your hard work to prove that your business really stands out from the crowd.

Don’t rush your bid writing

How you write your bid can make or break your chances of winning the contract. Your bid states how you propose to provide the goods, works or services the buyer requires. It is often a lengthy document – persuasive, informative, detailed. Therefore, it is vital that you take the appropriate time you need to write the bid and include all the information that must be in it. Multiple people will need to proofread it to spot mistakes. If your bid is submitted late then it will be automatically disqualified, wasting time and effort. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Win UK government tenders

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