Supply2Gov celebrates World Mental Health Day

Today marks World Mental Health Day, an annual opportunity to raise awareness of the wide range of mental health illnesses that people suffer from. By opening discussion around mental health and all that it entails, communities around the world can work together to remove negative stigmas that are attached to them and make the day to day lives of people more manageable.

With attitudes surrounding mental health gradually changing, mental health services are becoming an increasingly significant necessity in people’s lives. The future of mental health is evolving for the better, which means there has never been a more crucial time to work in the mental health sector and play your part in making a difference.

Investment into mental health

What exactly are mental health tenders? It is a valid question. Mental health tenders are included within the larger sector of healthcare tender opportunities. The contracts can be published by charities, NHS Foundation Trusts, Mental Health Trusts or privately-owned businesses, so the private sector and public sector tenders in mental health are continually there to win.

NHS England has increased its mental health funding by £1.4 billion in real terms compared to 3 years ago. In people-numbers, this has equated to 120,000 more people getting specialised mental health treatment this year than 3 years ago. 2019 marked the year that the NHS has introduced, and met, the first-ever national waiting times standards for mental health services. This is a milestone to be celebrated and points to an exciting and evolving future for further improvement of services.

Examples of mental health tenders

The range of mental health tenders available are far-reaching, because it affects everyone, everywhere – no person, organisation or industry is immune to it. Some examples of the tenders your organisation could work in are:

  • Children and Young People – provide materials, skill sets and trained professionals to run family support services and community support in schools and universities.
  • Community mental health tenders –helping to support people with mental health issues with accessible training, education and counselling support so that they can remain in employment.
  • Developing digital technology to provide digital solutions to mental health issues. Much discussion has been had around this area, with the NHS and local and central governments looking to improve services with accessible online solutions.

Win mental health tenders

With the NHS and other public sector bodies investing in the UK public’s mental health, there is a range of tender opportunities being released to support this regularly.

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