Learn how your micro business can find and win niche tenders

Learn how your micro business can find and win niche tenders

Public procurement is changing. The UK Government is now proactively thinking about the needs of the digital future and how to stay ahead of the times and it is investing heavily in technology and innovation.

During the Autumn Budget Speech 2017 Philip Hammond said that the Government would “invest to secure that bright future for Britain.” This is great news for businesses that provide niche solutions and want to get started with procurement.

Find out how you can find niche opportunities in public procurement below.


Niche Tender Opportunities

It’s simple. If your micro business is looking for public procurement opportunities, the first thing you should do is identify the market you want to work with, find its niche and supply a service or product that buyers are looking for.

Principal PASS Procurement Consultant Eddie Regan says that “If you are a new online stationary business, your chances of working with the public sector in the first 3 or four years is slim as it is a market that is full of other, more experienced businesses”.

This should not put your business off, however, as the Government is looking to work with small business that offer innovative solutions. Eddie Regan says that:

“If your micro business is a specialised tech company, providing technology that the NHS or MOD want, there is potential for your business to succeed even six months in as there are opportunities in the market”.


Consultancy Tenders

Consultancy tendering is another option that your micro business should consider when you are looking to start working with the public sector.

If you are an expert and are recognised for what you do in your field, there is a strong chance that you could win work with the public sector. There are some scenarios where the person running the business is the sellable aspect, not what the business does.

In the past, small consultancy firms that employ a specialist in a certain field have attracted public sector buyers because of the experience or innovation that they offer.

Whether the business is a start-up or not it doesn’t matter – the person themselves could be enough to persuade buyers to work with them.


Get ahead of competitors

After you have found niche tenders that are suited to your micro business, the next step is winning contract opportunities.

Cost is one factor that public sector buyers will consider when they are granting contract awards. For every penny public sector buyers spend, they must be certain that they are investing in the suppliers that will offer the best value. This is where competitor analysis comes in.

Look at who is already in the market and what their procurement track record is. Competitor Insight is important when you are writing bids. If you have spotted something that your business offers as part of your services that your competitor does not, you must include this in the “added value” section of your tender application.

Buyers are looking for the best value overall and something that may seem like a small addition to your business could be a buyer deal maker.


Tender Alerts

Find tender opportunities before your competition with tender alerts.

If you are looking for niche opportunities, tender alerts will be your best friend going forward! Tender alerts select and notify you of any opportunities that match what you are looking for, saving you time when you go to look for tender opportunities that are relevant to your micro or small business.


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